Latest version : 0.6.2

Update: 3/6/2000:

Exams are finished! Yay! I can now get back to working on Giles. There's still lots of things to do; the GUI needs to undergo a major redesign (as I want a proper hierarchical structure, rather than the flat level I've got at the moment), but more importantly, the downloading code is, at the moment, possibly the worst code I've ever written (and that's after a major refactoring session). It's slow, inefficient, and just plain U-G-L-Y. So it's coming out...

What is Giles?

Giles is a program that will download websites, according to a criteria that you specify. It allows you to block certain links, only download pages that contain a keyword, follow links to a specified link depth, and specify a maximum file and total download size. You can use your browser to view the files that have been downloaded.

What does it look like?

Here's a screenshot. Bear in mind that I haven't spent anytime on making the UI look good yet 8-).


Java Development Kit (JDK) v1.2 or greater.
The gnu.regexp package
The HTML parser that Giles uses


Fairly simple. Grab the Giles JAR file listeed above, and the two other packages you need. Drop them all in the same directory, and start Giles with the command java -jar Giles-0.5.jar. From there, things should be fairly self-explanatory. I hope it's useful in some way. The GUI is extremely ugly at the moment; it's functional at best. Hopefully, I'll be posting some improved versions in the next few days.

Send any bugs, comments, etc., Thanks.
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